Peter von Blyenburgh UVSI

Mr. Peter van Blyenburgh, a Dutch national residing in Paris, France, was born in The Netherlands (’48), educated in Canada, theNetherlands Antilles and The
Netherlands, studied in Switzerland (Business Administration) and has held various management positions with a number of industrial and service supplying corporations in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Mr. van Blyenburgh has been involved with unmanned systems since 1987 and has supplied advisory services in this field to corporate and/or governmental entities in Europe, the Middle & Far East and North America. In 1995 he instigated, and in 1997 founded, EURO UVS, which changed its name to UVS International inJanuary 2004.

Raimund Kamp Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

Jan-Hendrik Jochum Deutsche Telekom AG

Jan-Hendrik Jochum Deutsche Telekom AG

Mr. Jochum is an expert on spectrum policy at Deutsche Telekom AG (DT), where he is responsible for frequency management and projects. He manages all types of airspace connection projects from a regulatory perspective within DT. Mr. Jochum joined DT in 2009 and has been working in the regulatory area since 2014. Before joining DT, he worked as a management consultant in various projects in Europe.

Thomas Schommler YUNEEC Europe GmbH

Thomas Schommler Yuneec

Founded 18 years ago in Hong Kong
Over 750 employees at 5 locations (including headquarters in Hong Kong, European branch in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg, software development in Zurich)
Start of global marketing under the YUNEEC brand name since 2014
Production of drones for smart hobby, consumer and commercial applications

Cordula Schröder Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG)

Jörg Nolte Ersa GmbH

Jörg Nolte Ersa GmbH

Ersa - Electronics Production Equipment - As the largest manufacturer of soldering systems, we provide connections in the electronics industry worldwide. Ersa is one of the largest suppliers in the field of soft soldering and offers the most comprehensive range of services under one company roof. We have set ourselves the goal of adapting our products, production processes and complete solutions to the constantly changing requirements in connection technology. Ersa is doing everything in its power to further strengthen and expand its technologies and innovative strength, especially in view of the increasing digitization and automation in times of the Internet of Things.

Andreas Ploier Drone Rescue Systems GmbH

Andreas Dunsch FlyNex

Andreas Dunsch FlyNex

FlyNex offers cloud-based software that maps the processes of planning, flying and analysis for advancements and at the same time enables collaboration within the company or across company boundaries. Thus, a standardized, scalable use of unmanned aerospace systems without extensive previous knowledge is possible.
is made possible. The software is adapted to the needs of customers based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. With Map2Fly, FlyNex GmbH has developed a map service for drones that is leading in use and data depth in Germany.

Christoph Dreßler BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Lehrstuhl IIT

Christoph Dreßler

Prof. Dr. Uwe Meinberg CURPAS e.V.

Ronny Schwarz Securitas Fire Control + Service GmbH & Co. KG

Henning Zacharias Ingenieurbüro Zacharias