aero space valley

Arnaud Rimokh Executive Manager Unmanned Systems, Urban Air Mobility and Drone Trafic Management

Based in France, Aerospace Valley is world's first aerospace cluster, dedicated to the strategic sectors of Aeronautics, Space and Drones, in the Occitanie/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. With its 5 excellency ecosystems – Embedded and Communicating Systems, Structures, Materials and Mechanical Systems, Propulsion and Embedded Energy, Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Industry of the Future – Aerospace Valley drives a supportive, competitive and attractive community, aimed at fostering innovation in view of growth.
Ranking among the top three clusters for the performance of its cooperative R&T projects (among which 580 have already been financed), Aerospace Valley is in charge of animating a dynamic network of international reputation, composed of 850 members (companies, research laboratories, training centres, universities and schools, economic development structures).
Since 2017, Aerospace Valley is chaired by Yann Barbaux, Senior Vice President of Airbus and former Head of Innovation at Airbus.