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Angela Kies, Deutsche Flugsicherung

Angela Kies works in the UAS/ UTM Development & Solutions division at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH in Langen near Frankfurt. The team is working on the implementation of a UAS Traffic Management System (UTM) for the safe and fair integration of drones into German airspace.

Ms. Kies is Co-Chair of the CANSO UTM Task Force and Chairwoman of the UTM Standardization Committee at DIN e.V. She is also a member of the EASA UAS Expert Group and the BMVI Drone Advisory Board.

She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of San Diego as well as a degree in communication sciences, economics and psychology from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Mrs. Kies is active for more than 20 years in the ranges Corporate Business development and strategic planning in the aviation sector.

Juliane Willauschus, Investmentbank of Brandenburg

Juliane Willauschus has been a development consultant for the Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg for 2 years and supervises the districts of Dahme-Spreewald, Oder-Spree and the independent city of Frankfurt/Oder.
She offers the customers of the Investmentbank of the State of Brandenburg competent, individual and free advice on all questions of promotion in the areas of business, business start-ups, employment, infrastructure and housing construction. ILB offers low-interest loans, grants, guarantees as well as venture and equity capital from state, federal and European funds and from its own resources.

Frank Seidlitz, Police Brandenburg

Frank Seidlitz is Chief Commissioner of the Brandenburg Police Department. Since 2017 the working group "Drohne" exists in the police Brandenburg. Several concepts have been developed in the working group. Since July 2018 he is in charge of the project to test different multicopters within the police for operational suitability.

Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska, University of Zielona Góra

Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska is a professor at the Institute of Computer Science and Production Management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zielona Góra/Poland. In her scientific work, she focusses her research on modelling and designing methods and also on the tools and solutions in support of the knowledge management process, as well as on strategic management for enterprises. She has been awarded many international scholarships, including several under the 7. Framework Programme UE, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, DAAD. She is the author of over 200 scientific publications, including scientific monographs and articles in hugely significant and impactful journals; she is also the author of many expert opinions and recommendations for the development and implementation of strategies in enterprises, at both the regional and national level. She has carried out various international research projects, in knowledge management and information systems, including several under the Interreg Programme UE, as well as several for companies and the National Laboratory. She has given numerous lectures, both in Poland and abroad; these include lectures at the Universities of West Bohemia in Pilsen/the Czech Republic, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg/Germany, the Technical University in Dresden/Germany and the Technical University in Vienna/Austria. She is a member of the Polish Society for Production Management and the Polish Society for Innovation Management.

Lior Schwartz, CIVDRONE

Lior Schwartz the VP R&D of Civdrone is holding a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and B.A in Economics from the Technion, Institute of technology, Israel.

At the beginning of 2018 Civdrone was founded by Liav Muler and Tom Yeshuruna after experiencing the pain related to the land surveyor daily work in construction projects.

Short blurb about Civdrone:
Civdrone is an Israeli construction tech startup that recently joined Builtworlds community, they are developing autonomous technology to conduct stakeout missions with enterprise drones.
Civdrone solution is cheaper, more reliable and with a daily output is 4 times greater than the manual traditional method.

Christina Große-Möller, Center for Applied Aviation Research

Since 2014 Christina Große-Möller has been a member of staff at the ZAL Center for Applied Aviation Research in various functions. As a graduate medical technician in aviation, she distinguishes herself as an open-minded lateral thinker - especially since 2017. Since then, she has been active in the UAV and UAM cosmos as manager of the Hamburg network Windrove. In Hamburg and beyond, she connects all actors from industry, science and public authorities involved in the economic use of drones in cities with this network. This holistic and project-based approach of the network with the aim of integrating drone traffic fairly and safely into urban airspace was one of the first to promote the Hanseatic City to the European ranks of Urban Air Mobility model cities.

Torsten Genz, Geo-Office

After a successful study at the TU Berlin to the surveying engineer Mr. Genz lectured for the higher surveying technical administration service in Saxony-Anhalt. Today, Mr. Genz is head of R&D at Geo-Office GmbH in Falkensee and lecturer for the training as geomatics technician/measuring technician.

Geo Office GmbH was founded in the year 2000 by Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Krause as a technical-scientific supporting company. Geo-Office GmbH offers expert advice in all planning and measurement issues, sustainable innovative geo solutions up to forward-looking VR-Integration technology as well as the sales and service for surveying instruments from one source. With own research & development projects in cooperation with interdisciplinary working scientific education & research institutions, as well as other companies we set out for surveying and versatile impulses with new ideas, devices and procedures.

Robert Jonker, Clear Flight Solutions

Clear Flight Solutions, established in 2012, is the first and only company in the world that has developed the Robird® a flapping wing drone in the shape of a Peregrine Falcon to prevent bird strikes in aviation and for bird control in general. As birds are intelligent creatures they habituate to all non-life-threatening bird control systems. Even silhouette alone is not sufficient. Birds know that gliding predators do not hunt. At the moment Clear Flight Solutions is operating in the USA, Canada, the UK, France and Switzerland.

Robert Jonker, Co-founder of Clear Flight Solutions graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven the Netherlands. After his studies he worked for International Design firms in the UK. Afterwards Robert started his own design agency de Heller Design back in the Netherlands. Together with two colleagues he started working on the development of flapping wing systems out of curiosity to see if copying birds flight is possible.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Meinberg, Curpas e.V.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Meinberg was appointed full professor of "Industrial Information Technology" at the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus in 2002. As part of his professorship he applied for the Innovation Forum CURPAS Civil Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in 2015. Based on the innovation forum, the association CURPAS was founded in 2016. Prof. Dr. Uwe Meinberg has been Chairman of the Board of CURPAS from the very beginning.
Memberships excerpt:
Professor Meinberg is an honorary member of the board at UVSI, member of the advisory board for unmanned aerial vehicles, member of the working group for digitization and development perspectives, member of DIN (UTM) as well as head of the FG Application and Technology Division of the UAV DACH.

Ulrich Reinfried, Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

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Dr. Hans-Peter Thamm, Geo-Technic

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