CURPAS as project partner:

2018 Interreg VA Project "Cross-border deployment of unmanned aerial systems for the fire brigade (GEvUFF)".
In the context of the Interreg VA project "Cross-border use of unmanned air systems at the fire brigade (GEvUFF)" of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg - Chair of Industrial Information Technology in cooperation with Wydział Mechaniczny Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego in the Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober the use of UAV (also called drones) in the field of fire brigade operations shall be tested.
The fire brigades have various technical options at their disposal which allow them to provide fast and competent assistance in the event of an emergency. The use of UAV is a relatively new field. With the help of internal and external partners, the project aims to determine where and in which situations during a fire brigade mission in the Euroregion Spree-Neiße Bober and in particular in the border region, the use of UAV can be a helpful supplement. In a total of four workshops (kick-off workshop - information and dates see below, workshop law, workshop technology and final workshop), technical requirements, legal framework conditions and potential application scenarios will be discussed with experts.

In the first step, the project within the framework of the Small Projects Fund funding guideline will deal with the assessment of the current situation - expert workshops with fire brigades and the universities BTU-Cottbus-Senftenberg and Zielona Góra are planned for this purpose. The aim of these expert workshops is to assess the current situation. These include in particular:

Recording of the legal framework conditions in the two countries
Recording the possible requirements for the use of RPAS
Comparison of qualification requirements for pilots
Definition of the application scenarios in which the use of RPAS appears helpful
Development of medium and long-term objectives for the integration of UAV into everyday firefighting operations
The workshops will address actors from the public sector and the fire brigade. As speakers, the universities carrying out the project ask for experts from Germany and Poland.