Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky, Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science

Prof. Iwainsky is one of the founders of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e. V. (Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science) (GFaI). From its foundation in 1990 until mid-2017 he was elected chairman of the board. For age reasons, he did not run for this position in 2017 and was elected Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board.

Prof. Iwainsky is the main network manager of the current ZIM cooperation network MoDiSeM (Mobile Services - Services for Mobility). Since the first tender round for the NEMO funding competition in 2002, Prof. Iwainsky has been active in this programme without interruption. For example, he played a major role in establishing the NEMO network KONTENDA for contactless energy and data transmission (network management: ifak), from which KONTENDA GmbH emerged in 2007. Today it is a regular member of MoDiSeM. At GFaI, MoDiSeM is the fifth ZIM network built by himself.

Prof. Iwainsky is active beyond GFaI in "networked" management committees: He was a member of the board of the Scientific Council of the AiF for two legislative periods. He represented the AiF in a group of interested parties that led the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley (USA) with German funding. For many years, Prof. Iwainsky has been a member of an expert group of the AiF. He was a member of the board of trustees of ifak, a non-university research institution in Magdeburg that was also particularly successful in the NEMO and ZIM cooperation network programme. As "ambassador" of the city for science, economy and media he invited important conferences and committee meetings to Berlin-Adlershof and was a successful local organizer.