Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hardt, TU Chemnitz

The Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany is a Higher Education Institution consisting of eight faculties. The Computer Engineering Group at Chemnitz University of technology does research in the field of design methodology for hardware/software systems with the focus on partitioning the design at high abstraction levels. Additionally, the development of throughput optimized architectures, the robustness analysis in the area of safety-critical embedded systems, the automated reuse of complex modules as well as the dynamic reconfiguration of real-time systems and clusters are important topics. The research directly deals with adaptive Micro/Mini Air Vehicle (MAV) mission for optical inspections and the possibilities to use them in different civil scenarios like power pole and power pole isolator inspections. The Chemnitz University of Technology participates in a wide variety of national and international research projects which involves partners and peers from many different countries, universities and research institutions. Out of our many activities we like to point out the examples SAGITTA ( ) and OPIRA with Airbus Defence and Space.