Dr. Hans-Peter Thamm, Geo-Technic

As a trained physical geographer/hydrologist, Dr. Hans-Peter Thamm has 30 years of experience in remote sensing and geoinformatics. His scientific career led to a professorship for remote sensing, geoinformatics and cartography at the FU Berlin. He has been working with UAV since 2004 and founded Geo-Technic in 2005. It designs UAS ("Unmanned Aerial Systems") and finds integrated solutions for spatial problems. As one of the early users, he is also working with UAS for resource management in Africa since 2004. He left the university in 2015 to dedicate himself full-time to the topic of UAS and to close the large gap between the state of the art in science and the state of practice.

In addition to setting up Aerolution, which was transferred to Germandrones GmbH in 2016, he also managed numerous projects with UAS for resource management in Africa, Asia and Australia. In addition to the "proof of concept", the focus was on establishing process chains for the regular use and creation of business models. Since autumn 2017 he is CEO of Geo-Technic with a focus on integrated UAS applications and since autumn 2018 he is also working for M4Com in the vision project.